Coral Propagation Activities

The Coral Propagation Program has been our main focus over the recent years, and it is by far the one that has the most direct and visible impact when it comes to the restoration of local coral reefs. Thanks to the constant advances in science and research, our knowledge of coral biology and reproduction has increased greatly over the past few years and has allowed us to develop techniques to increase the growth rate of coral colonies, while at the same time increasing their resilience to external destructive pressures.

While the science behind this method can be complex, its practical application is fairly simple and can be done by almost anyone, regardless of prior knowledge, skills, or physical prowess. The majority of the experience takes part on board a boat or from a beach, and customers who wish to take part in the snorkelling or SCUBA Diving portions of the activity can do so at their discretion.

The materials that we use are completely eco-friendly and we do not cause any unnecessary extra damage to the existing reef while harvesting our fragments. These two key points are what sets our method apart from the vast majority of other coral propagation programs around the world. Our same methodology is currently being used in a large number of reef restoration programs worldwide, as well as in some high-profile projects such as the Maya Bay restoration effort on Koh Phi Phi.
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Coral Propagation Experience

If your time is limited and you already have a fairly set schedule, you might be able to add the Coral Propagation Experience to a pre-planned tour like for example the popular 4 Islands Tour or a Sunset Tour.

By taking part in a Coral Propagation Experience you will be able to help propagate a small number of coral fragments during the course of your tour, allowing you to learn the basics of the coral propagation technique and contributing in a small way to the coral restoration effort, all while not disrupting your scheduled vacation plans.

During the course of the experience, you will take part in a short workshop focused on key aspects of Coral Biology and the basics of the Coral Propagation Technique. Coralyfe staff will gather the coral fragments from underwater, demonstrate how to correctly bond them to their new substrate, and then return them to the reef, where they will grow into a fully formed new colony.

If you are a certified scuba diver, you can choose to join the fragment gathering and deposition parts of the experience as well.

What's included?

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* Final price is heavily dependent on total number of people and type of pre-booked trip; please inquire for an accurate quote. 

Coral Propagation Day

If your schedule allows for improvisations and if you would like to take on a larger role, dedicating a good amount of time to coral restoration, but also allocating some time to enjoy Krabi’s beautiful beaches and sceneries, look no further!

During the Coral Propagation Day you will take part in workshops regarding Coral Biology and the Coral Propagation Technique itself, giving you the basic knowledge you need to understand what coral is, how it works, and how to help restore the coral reefs.

During the course of the day, you will help propagate coral fragments and visit one of the existing coral nurseries. There you will see with your own eyes how the previously propagated fragments have grown into new, healthy colonies, and experience firsthand how effective our coral propagation effort is at restoring the health and beauty of our local reefs.

If you are a certified SCUBA diver, you can choose to join the fragment gathering and deposition parts of the experience as well.

What's included?

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* Minimum 2 people. Certified SCUBA divers can join additional parts of the experience for an additional 1000THB/person (all equipment included).

Coral Propagation Full Course

If you are particularly interested in coral propagation and reef restoration techniques, and want to learn everything  there is to know about our reef restoration effort, this is the course for you.

During the first day of the full Coral Propagation Course you will take part in extensive workshops regarding Coral Reef Ecology, Coral Biology, the importance of Coral Reefs and the treats they face, different Coral Propagation Techniques, as well as Reef First Aid & Monitoring Protocols, giving you all the knowledge required to fully comprehend the state in which the world reefs find themselves in, the science behind our method, and how to correctly employ it.

On the second day of the course we will head out to sea, where you will actively help propagate a large number of coral fragments employing different propagation techinques, as well as visit the existing coral nurseries, where you will take part in the regular nursery maintenance, monitoring, and development activities.

Unlike the Coral Propagation Day, which is open to anyone, the Coral Porpagation Full Course requires participants to be SCUBA divers in order to take part in every aspect of the course first hand. For those who are not yet SCUBA certified but would like to learn how to, a Discover Scuba Diving course can be run alongside the Coral Propagation Full Course ad an additional cost.

What's included?

Starting price


* Minimum 2 people. Discover SCUBA Diving Program can be run alongisde the Full Coral Propagation Course at and additional 1000THB/pax.

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