Coralyfe offers a wide variety of theoretical lessons, workshops, and practical experiences for people to learn everything there is to know about the marine world, the impact that humanity has on the marine ecosystem, and how to reduce our destructive impact.

Our courses are modular and have been developed to be suitable for audiences of all ages and knowledge levels. Coralyfe often hosts workshops for local schools, summer camps, and public events, as we believe that knowledge is the basis on which we can build upon to create a better future for us all.
Suitable for

Species Identification Courses

If you are curious about the underwater world and want to learn about the organisms that live in it, you might be interested in joining one of our species identification courses.

As there are an innumerable amount of different organisms living on our coral reefs, it is advised for you to choose one of the following sections to learn at a time:

You will take part in an in-depth workshop regarding the organisms in your chosen section, as well as a workshop designed for you to learn all about the interconnected mechanics that make coral reefs so important and unique.

These courses can run as part of a pre-organized tour, such as the popular 4 island tours or a sunset cruise; if you have already booked an excursion with one of the local dive shops or tour agents, we can coordinate with them and join you as your private instructor, alternatively, we can organize the whole dive or snorkelling trip for you.

As your safety and a high quality of service are always our top concerns, the maximum number of customers per instructor will always be no more than 4.

Reef Ecology & Coral Biology Workshops

Coral Reefs are arguably the most important ecosystem on our planet; almost all life on earth depends on its survival either directly or indirectly, but despite its incredible importance, humanity continues to encroach, pollute, and destroy it on a daily basis. 

Learning more about the role that coral reefs have on our day-to-day lives, and being more aware of how our actions affect its health, will allow you to make more environmentally friendly life choices and reduce the destructive impact you might already be inadvertently causing.