Reef Rescue

As a certified SCUBA Diver, you have certainly already encountered some coral damage during at least one of your dives, as well as discarded fishing gear and a variety of marine debris. 

Knowing how to correctly remove fishing gear,  marine debris, as well as correctly identifying and fixing damaged coral as soon as you find it, can often dictate if a coral will recover and survive, or perish.

Once the damage has been repaired, carrying out a survey of the dive site can help different research groups and NGO in their efforts to understand and fix our coral reefs. 


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Reef First Aid & Monitoring Course

During this course you will learn the techniques to correctly identify and fix the most common types of coral damage encountered while SCUBA diving,  how to correctly remove discarded fishing equipment from the reefs without damaging the existing organisms, as well as a number of reef health surveys which you will then be able to conduct again in the future.

To ensure that all this knowledge is correctly applied, after carrying out the theoretical workshops, we will lead you on two SCUBA Dives, where you will put into practice the techniques we taught you, and carry out the survey method of your choosing. The data collected will then be sent to our partners to aid with their scientific research.


If you have already booked a dive trip with one of the local dive shops, we can coordinate with them and join you as your private instructor. Alternatively, we can organize the entire dive trip for you.


This course is registered with PADI as a Distinctive Specialty, therefore you can receive a Certification Card upon completion if you wish to have one.

What's included?



* PADI Certification Card can be purchased for an additional 3000THB.