help us restore our coral reefs

 Despite covering less than 0.1% of the surface of the oceans, Coral Reefs are home to over 25% of all marine species, and play an irreplaceable role in sustaining all marine life.

Corals are delicate organisms, which are suffering greately as a consequence of human activities. 

It is estimated that we have already lost over half of the world’s coral since the advent of the industrial revolution.


 Our goal is to restore the health and beauty of the coral reefs in Krabi by fixing the damage that many years of unregulated tourism and development have caused to the area.

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action on all fronts

The issue of environmental degradation can only be effectively dealt with if it is tackled from multiple fronts at once. For this reason, we offer a range of activities to ensure that our efforts will be impactful and long lasting.

help us from home

If you cannot join us in one of our coral propagation activities in person, you can still help us save the reef by adopting single corals, which we will plant during our next coral propagation excursion, or by sponsoring a whole new nursery, which will be visited and expanded every month. 

Regardless of how you chose to help, you will receive regular picture updates of your corals to see with your own eyes how they are growing over time. 

Our Nurseries

Over the years, a number of different coral nurseries have been created on our local islands. 

Each nursery is different in a way that makes it specific for the particular environment it finds itself in. 

As more people participate in the coral propagation activities, and as more businesses and individuals commit to sponsor their own nurseries, new locations will be selected to expand our efforts and increase the overall ecosystem connectivity, coral abundance, and reef biodiversity.

Koh Yawasam East
Established in 2018 in collaboration with Projects Abroad Thailand. This was our first coral nursery, which is now home to over 1000 large coral colonies.
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Koh Yawasam West
Started in 2021 in collaboration with Nature MindED, this nursery is rapidly growing thanks to the combined efforts of our recent customers.
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Future Nurseries
More coral nurseries are planned to be established in the near future in order to maximize the effects of our work and to have a variety of locations for us to work on.
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