Who we are

Over the past 5 years, a number of local organizations have been collaborating with the Hat Nopparat Thara National Park, acting on issues such as trash handling, anchor damage, mooring lines, marine organism censuses, reef restoration, etc. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of these organizations were forced to interrupt their services, and many had to shut down completely. 


As part of the former staff of one of these organizations, Coralyfe founders felt a personal responsibility to resume work on these important projects, aiming to restore the health of local coral reefs and to reverse the damage that countless years of unregulated tourism and human activity have caused.



Our mission

While governments and corporations act towards resolving global scale environment issues, every person holds the power to have an impact on local issues, and to be a part of a larger effort towards the protection and restoration of damaged ecosystems.

By creating  activities that engage the local community, businesses, and tourists, we offer everyone an opportunity to be an active part of the solution rather than the problems.

Our Team

Andrea Rugo (Andy)

Marine Biologist & Dive Instructor

Andrea is an Italian Marine Biologist who moved to Thailand in 2014. After a number of years working in the eco-volunteering industry, Andrea founded Coralyfe in the hopes of restoring the health and diversity of the coral reefs around AoNang.

Pairote Saesieo (Jai)

Conservationist & Dive Instructor

Jai was born in central Thailand and moved to Krabi at a young age. After working for a number of years in the diving and tourism industry, Jai decided to dedicate himself fully to restoring the natural beauty of his country.

Montira Reijner (Monti)

Environmental Scientist & Dive Instructor

Montira left the corporate world behind to pursue her passion for climate/ocean advocacy. She has worked on numerous marine conservation projects across the world before rediscovering the hidden gems of Krabi.